Release the Hounds!

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Yesterday, about 25 of my ATL Symphony Musician colleagues and I began rehearsing for a chamber orchestra concert. Event details:

Everyone is volunteering their time and talent, and as much as I value their time, I can’t begin to quantify their talent. Beyond priceless.

The venue, Terminal West, is more accustomed to hosting acts like OK Go and Snarky Puppy (worth checking out!), so classical is a bit outside their comfort zone, but they’re being very generous and flexible with us, and we’re  grateful for their hospitality.

The program, conducted by dear friend Mary Hoffman, will include the Bach Double Concerto for Oboe and Violin, featuring two of the ATL Symphony Musicians’ staggeringly talented rock stars, Elizabeth Koch Tiscione and David Coucheron. I defy anyone to show me a duo as gifted (or as easy on the eyes) as these two young superstars. (My parenthetical claims can be substantiated by a quick Google image search.)

Also included on the program are Holst’s St. Paul’s Suite, which sounds Celtic enough that we’re adding an array of Celtic-ish percussion instruments to the mix, led by our own Tom Sherwood, who plays the hell out of the bodhran.  Wondering what that is, and what it sounds like when it’s had the hell played out of it? Come find out.

Also, some new arrangements: Rachmaninoff’s thunderous C# minor Prelude, in a new orchestration for strings. And a bit of an experiment: ever wonder what baroque music would sound like filtered through Afro-Caribbean rhythms? Or remixed as “acoustic dubstep”? You’ll hear it in Albinoni 2.0.

Filling out the main program, we’ll play Handel’s Watermusic and Puccini’s devastatingly gorgeous Chrysanthemums.

The chamber orchestra portion of the program begins at 8:30, but get to Terminal West in time to hear some ATL Symphony Musicians in even more intimate groups, including selections from brass quintet and string quartet, and a haunting English Horn solo by Emily Brebach.

Sorry, youngsters, the venue is 18 and older. Rejoice, grown folks, we’re having the bar staff create signature cocktails for the occasion featuring Hangar One Vodka! Don’t forget to buy a round for the band.

It feels SO good to be on stage making music with my friends and colleagues! Our city deserves great art! Come support it!

Get tickets online now at the Terminal West event link above. If you wait to get them at the door, you might find them already sold out…


3 responses to “Release the Hounds!

  1. Now THIS is a sustainable business model! Just wish it was not on a school night so we could attend!!


  2. Thanks. All things considered, we’d rather be performing full orchestra concerts with a sustainable management model. And though, personally, I’ve never regretted missing a day of school to attend a concert, I understand your situation. Don’t worry, more concerts will be announced very soon!


  3. Okay, this sounds like it will be extremely enjoyable.


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