A Day in the Life of a Locked-Out Orchestra Musician

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

4:05 am  Woke up, thought about concert publicity, realized my new blog might be an ideal outlet to provide detailed concert info

4:06 am  Realized I know maybe two or three things about blogging, which is about ten things too few

4:10 am  Started figuring out how to format a blog site

4:11 am – 8:25 am  Period of intermittent swearing, rejoicing, checking emails, checking FB, frequently interrupted by dogs barking.

7:30 am  Wife comes downstairs, greets me, unsurprised that I’ve been up for hours.

8:25 am  Breakfast, and wondering whether I should go with my colleagues to the Fulton County Commission meeting to raise awareness of the lockout (probably), then admitting guiltily that I won’t (I wouldn’t be much help, since I’d likely fall asleep on my feet), then assuaging my conscience with tentative plans to join the picket line lunchtime shift.

9 am-10:50 am  More emails, FB, quick shower, make sure my ATL Symphony Musician t-shirt doesn’t stink. Wait for concert-planning colleague to call about meeting at Terminal West (concert venue) to discuss web-streaming details. She’s stuck at Fulton County Commission meeting, stars are misaligned, meeting takes place without me.

11:30 am  Arrive at Woodruff Arts Center to picket. Found free parking!

11:34 am-1 pm  Carried sign saying “ASO NEEDS NEW LEADERSHIP” up and down Peachtree Street with about 20 colleagues and other community supporters. Tried vainly to engage in conversation with fellow picketers above the constant noise of passing motorists honking in support.

1:05 pm  Lunchtime shift ends. I make a startling and wonderful discovery: SOMEONE BROUGHT DONUTS! My glee grows exponentially when I make a second startling and wonderful discovery: THERE ARE TWO DONUTS LEFT, AND ONE OF THEM IS A BOSTON CREME DONUT!!!

1:06 pm  I do a Boston Creme Donut dance.

1:10 pm  Sit in my car, cursing my smartphone for crashing, wondering how much it will cost to fix, or if it’s still under warranty, and wondering how I’m going to get directions to my 2:00 meeting  to check out another potential concert venue, bemoaning my dependence on technology.

1:13 pm  Phone decides to start working, Drive to meeting. Make appointment for afternoon meeting with a conductor to discuss program & scheduling.

1:45 pm – 2 pm  Phone call with concert planning colleague who I missed earlier in the day, to discuss web-streaming, seating capacity, the possibility of issuing Standing Room Only tickets after the 200 seats are sold, and the bar staff’s creation of signature cocktails for the event (why am I so enamored of that idea?).

2 pm – 2:45 pm  Meeting with a church music director to assess feasibility of his church as a concert venue

2:45 pm – 3:30 pm  Drive to next meeting, phone call with local music journalist about concert details

3:30 pm – 4 pm  Meeting with conductor of different concert about program & scheduling, and whether he can persuade an A-List soloist friend of his to perform with the ATL Symphony Musicians

4pm – 4:30 pm  Drive home to let the dogs out. Texting barrage from negotiating committee member about recruiting personnel for upcoming concerts.

4:30 pm – 6:30 pm  Dinner, computer work, formatting parts for a piece I wrote for a local community orchestra

6:30 pm – 8 pm  Spent time with wifey, made plans to go out tomorrow night to celebrate our anniversary: traditionally, at a quaint Italian restaurant, but this year, we’d better not spend the money, so just out for a glass of wine this year. Also discussed: if this contract ever settles, let’s get that dog-chewed chair re-upholstered. Also discussed: what do you call someone who re-upholsters things? A re-upholsterer? Isn’t there a better word for that?

yellow chair

I love this chair.

8 pm – 9 pm  Email rehearsal reminders to orchestra, check emails and FB. Make tomorrow’s to-do list. Try to watch The Killing on Netflix but the damn router signal is too slow.

9:05 pm  Fell asleep waiting for something called “Buffering.”


2 responses to “A Day in the Life of a Locked-Out Orchestra Musician

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  2. do you have any solo videos we can watch as I love your playing! I will look around your website here…


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